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We will make your lawn beautiful

At Garden Force Towcester, we're experts in transforming lawns into vibrant, healthy centrepieces of your garden. Recognised for our comprehensive lawn maintenance services, we understand that achieving a lush lawn goes beyond routine mowing—it requires dedicated, year-round care and specialised treatments. Our targeted approach in Towcester, where lawns are particularly susceptible to weeds and moss, ensures your grass stays robust and verdant. Without this level of care, even the most promising lawns can quickly become tired-looking or weed-infested. Trust Garden Force to keep your Towcester lawn in peak condition, making it a living testament to the beauty and vitality of your outdoor space.

Lawn care packages

The right thing, at the right time

Spring Lawn Treatments

With winter behind us, your lawn is emerging from its dormant state, and at Garden Force Towcester, we're here to ensure it receives the perfect wake-up call. Our spring treatment is specially designed to rejuvenate your lawn, providing a bespoke blend of fertilisers that kickstart its growth. This essential nourishment is tailored to replenish the vital nutrients your lawn craves during the colder months. Our targeted approach supports the awakening process and sets the stage for a season of vibrant growth, ensuring your lawn transitions into a lush, brilliantly green oasis. Trust Garden Force for your lawn maintenance in Towcester, and watch your garden come alive.
Of course, weeds will start peeking out with spring and the awakening of all sorts of foliage. The best way to control them is to get ahead of them. We apply a specialised herbicide that targets weeds without harming grass and other garden plants and trees. The combination of fertiliser and herbicide is formulated for the spring weather, encouraging lawn growth.

Early Summer Lawn Treatments

In Towcester, summer lawn care is vital for maintaining a lush, vibrant garden, and Garden Force understands the importance of specialised treatments during these warmer months. Our early summer lawn maintenance program includes the application of a specially formulated fertiliser designed to thrive in summer's warmth. This unique product slowly releases essential nutrients, providing your lawn with the consistent nourishment it needs to grow green and healthy. We recommend regular watering, especially during periods of infrequent rain, to ensure the fertiliser's effectiveness and promote timely nutrient absorption. Trust Garden Force Towcester for your lawn maintenance needs, ensuring your garden remains a stunning, verdant summer retreat.
As weeds are always a pesky problem, we treat your lawn with a herbicide that will destroy them and prevent them from growing and sullying your much-envied garden's healthy, green lawn. This helps eliminate bending, kneeling and stooping to pull them and provides your property with an excellent nutrition foundation, allowing it to reach its full potential.

Late Summer Lawn Treatments

Garden Force Towcester specialises in essential lawn maintenance, particularly crucial during the late summer months when your lawn requires extra attention to stay lush and vibrant. We apply a special slow-release fertiliser, mirroring our early summer treatment, to nourish your lawn gradually. This approach ensures your grass retains its rich green hue and robust health, fostering a dense and beautiful lawn.

In periods of low rainfall, we recommend consistent watering to facilitate the distribution of fertiliser nutrients directly to the roots, promoting steady growth even through the heat. Regular hydration, coupled with our tailored fertilisation, guarantees your Towcester lawn remains well-fed, healthy, and strikingly green all summer long. Trust Garden Force for top-tier lawn care that keeps your grass thriving.
Although weeds should be sparse after the early summer treatment, the herbicide applied is appropriate for late summer use and prevents new growth, as well as killing off any weeds that may be present.

Autumn / Winter Lawn Treatments

Garden Force Towcester specialises in comprehensive lawn maintenance, particularly crucial during the cooler autumn and winter months when grass growth slows and moss can become a pervasive issue. Our tailored winter treatments are designed to keep your Towcester lawn healthy and vibrant, even in dormancy. We employ a targeted approach to moss control, applying a specific micronutrient that dehydrates and prevents moss from spreading and nourishes the grass, fortifying it against the winter's challenges. This strategic treatment curbs the production of moss spores, ensuring your lawn emerges from winter as lush and green as ever. Trust Garden Force for expert lawn care year-round.
By applying the autumn and winter treatment to your lawn, you are also preparing it for the mechanical work. This is vital to the health of your lawn. It reduces the stress that cutting can cause, encouraging your grass to bounce back and green up nicely in the springtime.

How much does it cost?

One off treatments or all year plan

One off season treatments

Garden Force Towcester offers bespoke seasonal lawn care packages that are meticulously tailored to harmonise with the year's natural rhythms. Our treatments are specifically designed to complement the unique environmental conditions of each season, ensuring your lawn thrives in harmony with Mother Nature. By aligning our lawn maintenance strategies with the seasonal changes in Towcester, we guarantee not just the health but also the lush vibrancy of your lawn throughout the year. Choose Garden Force for a lawn care solution that respects and enhances the natural beauty of your outdoor space, making it a standout in every season.

Annual plan

The annual plan is four lawn care packages for each of season whether it is getting ready for the Summer or the end of the Autumn. You know you will be ready.

Spread the payments with direct debit

Use Direct Debit to ease the burden

As well as a pay as you go we also offer a monthly payment plan that helps you budget and spread the cost of your lawn care with monthly direct debits.

Before you set up your monthly plan we will meet and agree how much you will pay, what is the date that suits to debit from your account.

As you know Direct Debit is guarented by your bank and you can cancel it at any time. All we ask is that you tell us you have cancelled so we don't turn up when you don't want us.




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